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Conflict Avoidance Result
April 26, 2011, 3:30 pm
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Avoiding conflict is a valid approach to conflicts where the issue is minor and the relationship is minor.  Obviously this is from the perspective of avoider.  The issue may be very significant for the other person.  This should enter into our thought process using modern communication methods.  Sending an email or text to someone with whom you have little or no relationship to drive an action which may well be insignificant to that person is probably not a good idea.  We should really expect this drive a delete! delete! delete! response.   Obviously, the solution is start building a relationship or convince the other person that the action is more important than first glance.  Either requires a more personal interaction.  Visit the person’s office if possible or call if that is not practical.


Conflict Avoidance
April 2, 2011, 1:19 am
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An important element in effective communication is the ability to resolve conflict. Most people have a negative impression of conflict. But conflict is a necessary element of  the improvement process and moving forward. Conflict is a critical point in overcoming group think as well. Conflict is inevitable. As humans, we possess a richness of perspectives. Everyone brings a unique viewpoint to each issue or problem to resolve.

A common approach to conflict is avoidance. Some will go to nearly any extend to avoid conflict. The advantage of avoidance as an approach is that we do not put a lot of effort into the conflict. The obvious key disadvantage is that we are also unlikely to resolve the issue at the heart to conflict. Further the conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the direction of our perspective. Another disadvantage is that the person or group we are in conflict with may become frustrated with our inability to deal with the conflict.

Most conflicts can be sorted in two key ways. The first is importance of the task or significance of the issue at the heart of the conflict. The second is the importance of the relationship we have the person or group on the other side of the conflict. With advantages and disadvantages, there will be times when this approach will be beneficial, specifically when the task and the relationship are not very important to us. Avoidance, while it does little or resolve a conflict, can be the best approach to a conflict.