Communication Skills Hints

June 3, 2010, 1:19 am
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My recent blog at included a comment on the negative aspect of certainty in religion. Much like absolute power, absolute certainty can corrupt our ability to see reality. Certainty has been a great detriment to progress over time: certainty that the earth is flat, certainty that the earth is the center of the universe etc. etc. etc.  It reminded me that certainty is an equally dangerous thing in communication. Certainty can keep us from being open to listening, the key enabler for influencing others and resolving conflict.  It is natural to be confident in our view.  But letting certainty keep us from listening to others is a serious liability at work and in life.  Even when we are right, we find ourselves unable to convince others because we are unable to comprehend their views.   With the ability to understand the viewpoint of others, we will inevitably struggle to influence other and resolve conflicts.