Communication Skills Hints

Business Case for Communications Skills Training
October 8, 2009, 1:01 am
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Life is full of inefficiencies.  Many of them are our own doing when we fail to communicate effectively with our coworkers, managers, employees and family.  We generate unnecessary work and angst because we often don’t have a good understanding of what others are telling us and fail to recognize other perspectives.  Communication with customers is particularly important because when we fail to communicate effectively, we generate additional work for many people in our companies, not just our self.  In addition, we can jeopardize future business when we fail to fully understand customer expectations.   

 Technologists often focus their training activities on keeping up with the latest technology trends.  We often ignore the soft skills which have can have an even greater impact on our business success.  Communication is like any other skill, we need to continuously improve and training is a key element.   Communication has become much more complex.  We rely on presentations, email and telecoms to complement the face to face communication that was once the only way to do business.  Effective managers and team leaders are those who are able to communicate effectively in all these media. 

 Technologists often have the most to gain from improvements in communication skills.  Their focus on the technology often leads to neglect of critical soft skills. LWSN Consulting Inc ( is focused on bringing bring improved communication skills to the technologists and others in need of improvement. 

 It is often a lot of work to document gains made in efficiency with communication skills training.  But the results can be obvious when technologists take it seriously and the opportunity for improvement can be huge.